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Your investment

Wedding Albums

Your investment

Wedding photographs increase in value over time. Though fun to look through as soon as you get them, they become more and more important in the future. A special investment! Your first heirloom for your children and your children’s children. How do you plan to conserve your photographs?

We all know digital images are convenient for now, but do you know where the digital files will be in 40 years? Will they be compatible with the systems of the future?

To set your mind at ease, a wedding albums longevity and ability to preserve your precious memories is without equal.

Our albums

Come in a range of sizes, paper types, covers, finishes and page thicknesses, with a lifetime guarantee.

A wide range of preset combinations, ready to be selected.presets

For the book cover and for the box: Leather, Touch, Maple, Leatherette, Leatherette Class, Leatherette Cloud and Linen.

Choice of colour (on request). Apart from the wide range of available materials, it is also possible to customize on matt laminated paper both the book and its box, choosing the colours among a wide RGB range.

The book cover, covering, internal and ribbon are all customisable.components

ennobelmentDecorations with colour or varnish overprinting which take up a considerable portion of the front cover

overprintingPrinting of the customisation with a colour and a font of your choice, with the option of enriching it with raised varnish.

customisableTextDifferent fonts, in a wide range of RGB colours, are available when ordering this Wedding Album.

Edge ColoringThe edge of the pages can be coloured, thus matching them with the shades chosen for the box cd the cover.

Thick PagesWhat on all Wedding Albums  is an option, in this book is a standard, which confers majesty to the book by adding an insert between the pages.